It was his first day of school and his parents did not come with him, instead, he was escorted by 24 policemen!

September was a very difficult month for little Jackson and his family.

The boy’s father died in early August after suffering several injuries in a car accident. The child’s father, Justin, was only 39 years old and a police officer in Amarillo.

Jackson was supposed to go on the first day of school, he thought it would be a sad day, without his father who could no longer be with him, but when he opened the door he woke up with 24 police officers who had appeared in front of his house and they were waiting to be with him on his first day of school. The officers were his father’s co-workers.

Once they all arrived at school, the police lined up in the hallway and each gave the little one a hug before leaving. Jessica, the boy’s mother, said she was very sure that for her son it mattered a lot that his father’s colleagues were with him when the father could no longer: -they were the second family and they still care “, said the mother.

Jackson’s father’s colleagues said of Justin that he was a good and fair man to everyone. his colleague, police officer Carla Burr.

The officers had a busy day because then they escorted Jackson’s brothers on their first day of school, they are in the second and fourth grades, respectively.

This moving story shows that although Jackson’s father passed away, the good deeds he did during his life help him to stay with his children.

Here is a video about this impressive and special story: