They found some strange insects next to the bed of their newborn son!

A young couple, Rachel Stott, 26, and her husband, Adam, 31, live in Stockport, Manchester. During the next cleaning in the house, they found some strange insects next to the bed of their newborn son, Leo.

Therefore, they disinfected the linen and the house with insecticides, but everything was in vain. Rachel told her aunt about what had happened and she advised her to check the baby’s wicker bed. As they began to open the bed, all sorts of insects sprang from it.

According to Rachel, “I was fainting when I saw what was coming out of it and the thought of putting my child in danger. I can’t believe my baby was so close to these creatures. And I don’t even have the strength to think about what would happen if Leo was bitten by insects. ”

The woman bought this crib just before Leo was born. And it can prove that the object has been packed until then.

Rachel recalls: “The insects started appearing a few days later after we unpacked the crib so we could put our son in it. It was an absolutely new crib. How could something like this happen? ”

“These insects were disgusting, they were the size of an ant. We had to get rid of them for hours on end, opening the doors and windows. I felt liberated when I discovered the source of this mess. But I still can’t forgive myself for endangering our son’s life. ”

After what had happened, Rachel wanted only one, to have a peaceful Christmas with her family. However, he did not ignore the problem and informed Consumer Protection about this incident.

Of course, this angry mother filed a complaint with the store’s administration, from which she had bought that crib. The answer was not long in coming and here is what they replied: “We only operate according to high standards regarding the safety and security of our products. Your case is unique. However, we admit our guilt and apologize. Together with our letter, we bring you a crib and a toy for your baby ”.