A team of researchers is making an extremely sad discovery!

In the video you can watch below, which has already gone viral, a team of researchers is making an extremely sad discovery.

They spend almost 10 minutes torturing a turtle for its own good: the poor animal had a plastic straw in its nose! Christine Figgener, a tick turtle expert, said it looked like a worm at first.

After receiving assurances that it was not a parasite that might have attached to the animal’s brain, the researchers decided to remove all the straw from it: “We couldn’t believe what we took out of the turtle!” said Christine who also says that plastic straws are useless, moreover, they contribute 2.25 trillion pieces of marine litter in the seas and oceans. She encourages people to think twice the next time they use such straw.

If we don’t say NO to plastic straws, here’s what happens to poor animals that live in the seas and oceans: