What this mom did is incredible!

A young mother named Sofia Lorena won a nice amount of money. The lottery win was $ 200, but what this mom did is incredible.

Sofia chose not to use the money for herself and her children, although she had great financial problems. After leaving the gas station where she picked up her money, she looked up and saw a homeless old man sitting outside in the dead of winter in a terrible cold.

His name was Glenn and he had a sign next to it that said, “ANYTHING YOU CAN HELP ME.”

Sofia looked more closely at Glenn and noticed that the man was shaking terribly and crying as all the luxury cars passed by carelessly. What did she do?

She opened her car window and offered to buy him a coffee. Although he hesitated, Glenn finally accepted the offer.

While they were talking and drinking the cafe, Sofia asked him where he would sleep that night and Glenn replied that he had not had a house for 3 years and that he usually finds a small place on the street where he puts a ragged sleeping bag. This was the moment when Sofia remembered that she had won $ 200 that day, so when she left, she told him to get in the car, and what she did next amazed the whole internet.


Here is what she posted on Facebook:

“I won $ 200 in Lotto tonight, I was very happy until I looked up and met Glenn. He held a sign in his hand, trembling and crying as the winter wind swept his face relentlessly. I offered him a coffee and he told me he had nowhere to stay, I called the only shelter in the area and they had no more places for the winter. Then I remembered that I won $ 200 and I thought God got Glenn in my way for some reason. So I drove him to a cheap hotel and paid to have him sleep for two nights.

I have never seen a man in my nature cry so much; he began to pray for me as he heard and told me that I was an angel. So tonight, my friend Glenn has a warm place to sleep. ”

Less than 24 hours after the post, the woman’s friends began gathering food and clothing for Glenn. They also created an account on a donation site and helped raise $ 20,000 for Glenn in just two days!

In the end, Sofia Lorena earned much more than money, now she has a friend for life!