The boy was involved in a terrible car accident!

The boy was involved in a terrible car accident, in which his father died and his life was about to end. From that moment on, the boy threw himself into a desperate struggle for survival. He was pronounced dead 3 times. At the scene of the accident, in the ambulance, and at the hospital.

During the tragedy, the boy’s mother, Julie Kemp from North Carolina, stood by him and prayed for his son’s return. Recovering, the boy recounted what he “saw” while in a coma.

Landon’s mother said she did not tell her son about her father’s death in the tragic accident. “I asked him, ‘Landon, do you know where your father is?’ – The woman remembers.

The boy replied, “Yes, I know where he is. I saw him in Heaven.”

Landon looked at his mother and said, “Alas, I remembered, my mother, saw the other two children.” The woman didn’t pay much attention to him, because he wasn’t completely awake. But the coincidence was that before Landon was born, his mother had had two miscarriages.

“Of course, I’m telling you, I didn’t mention Landon about the two abortions,” Julie confirmed. But the boy recognized his brothers, even though they were not born.

“I knew they were my brother and sister, even though no one ever told me about them,” the boy admitted.

The accident was so terrible that Landon now lives with 23 metal plates on his skull. He is blind with his left eye, but he always prays, because he knows he will be fine.

His mother also wrote a book based on her son’s stories. The book was published in 2014 and sold very well.