Celandine – a real blessing in the garden which can be used in many ways – well known affection can be cured using this amazing plant!

Celandine is a less-known plant, but very common in North America, Asia, and Europe. What makes this plant so interesting is the liquid extracted from inside the stem. This plant has been discovered and used by the Chinese since ancient times and it’s special because it can be used in various treatments against serious affections, such as asthma and even against cancer, but it depends on the stage and if it’s administered correctly.

Long ago, people used this miracle plant to fight cough, constipation, toothache, and even eczema. It’s also used for warts, and just needs to be applied on the affected area. Back then, people were very pleased with the results and especially with the fact that Celandine is so common and easy to find. These days, this plant can be found in pharmacies, purchased online, and in many natural shops, but it can be found in its original form in many country-side areas, parks or forests. We will explain to you by the end of this article a way to use it properly.

Well, there are some cases when celandine might cause harm if applied incorrectly or in a big dose. According to research and to some cases, it turned out that this plant can be toxic for the liver. There are many different ways of administration and the most common are tincture, powder, or infusion. The part that is used is the sten and the most recommended route of administration is a tincture. After obtaining the powder after the grinding process of the stems, mix it in a container with food alcohol and leave it to soak for 15 days, and then you can use it. Your doctor can tell you how and when you should take it, depending on which conditions you intend to use it.

Another important fact to take into consideration is the harvesting process. It must be done when it’s sunny outside, otherwise, bad weather and rain for example can make the plant lose the most essential substances. After that, they need to be left in a cool place to dry, and can be poured in small bottles.  It’s very important to use fresh celandine plant, otherwise, the most important properties will fade. If you find this interesting please share it with your loved ones!