Two students bought this old SOFA for $ 20 from a flea market

Two students from the USA wanted to create a little pleasure to relax on, so they bought a second-hand sofa from a flea market.

Although it didn’t look great, for $ 20 the girls said it was a good deal. But one evening, while they were sitting and watching a movie, the young women felt something strange inside the sofa. When they removed the covers from the pillows, they were shocked.

Several envelopes with money were hidden there, the total amount they found was $ 40,000! Fortunately, a phone number was written on one of the envelopes, so the young women called to return the money.

The old woman from whom the sofa was bought thanked them enormously. “These are the savings my husband has been making all his life. Unfortunately, he died and I was hospitalized for a while. My children sold the sofa without asking me “, the old woman confessed.

Would you have done the same?