Beloved Pamela from CBS TV series “Dallas” is the proof that years left their mark – shocking looks at 70 years old

Probably everyone has a favorite TV Show, and thank God and the producers that there are so many options to choose from. Even if you’re an action lover and prefer the shooting scenes, or you’re an incurable romantic, you can browse the internet and pick from thousands of options. Among the most famous American TV series is Dallas, which was distributed by CBS between 1978 and 1991. It had a major success and the fans were very sad when the production stopped after 14 seasons full of adventure and drama. Among the most loved actors in Dallas was Victoria Principal who played the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing, considered the beauty of the ’80s.

She was an icon during that period, much admired by fans of the series but it seems that years don’t forgive or forget anyone and at 70 years old she looks very, very different. Still, a very beautiful woman for her age but with so many haters and bad mouths out there that beauty can be questioned. It’s known that she was married to a cosmetic surgeon and this fact has raised some questions, especially for her fans. However, she said firmly that she had never had any surgery. Those who don’t love her (yes, there are people like that) say that the fictional character in “Dallas”, Pamela, looks horrible at her age, especially if she’s not wearing makeup.

We truly believe that she looks beautiful at 70 years old and people need to understand that getting old is inevitable and does not forgive anyone. As we can clearly see in the attached pictures, old age was more lenient with Victoria, you can’t deny her beauty. She doesn’t look like Pamela from the ’80s, but she remains in the hearts of the many fans and when she makes an appearance, she will surely be remembered for her unique style.

At present, she is known for being an actress, entrepreneur, and author of four books: The Beauty Principal, The Diet Principal, The Body Principal, and Living Principal. She promotes healthy living by exercising and eating healthy meals, and also writes about her life. Do you have a favorite TV Show? Share the story with your friends, family, and “Dallas” TV show fans, you know someone who watched this famous series, for sure!