Disappointed Pit Bull Dog Named Roxy Gives Her Dad An Earful For Coming Home Late

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Unfortunately Pit Bulls very often get a bad rap becauze of the media or irresponsible owners. But the truth is that they are filled with so much love and dedication for their families. When you look at a Pit Bull face you will see his smile, his floppy ears and hsi tail waving . All of that means: SWEETNESS not agression.

In this article we meet Roxy, a very sweet Pit Bull girl that is all about playtime, cuddles and beeing goofy. She loves her parents so much, but especially her dad.

Today her dad arrived home very late from work and Roxy waited all day for him very patient, like a good girl. Her dad is late and she’s very disappointed.
When Dad finnaly arrives home he asks Roxy about her day and she can’t help but give him an earful.

She says in doggy language:
„ WHY are you late dad? You were gone long enough and I waited for you. Why were you late? WHY? What’s your excuse? You better have a good excuse!! Why were you late, dad? WHY? WHY?”

After that unexpected greeting Dad asks the question: „Roxy, did you miss me?”
Roxy: „OF COURSE, I DID!! What kind of question is that?? I missed you”

Roxy is so good and sweet. She is little daddy’s girl.

We all need to understand that dogs are pack animals, just like wolves and we are their pack. If you are working long hours your dog will miss you very much. If you can. Consider hiring a dog walker so you dog can get some exercise what you are at work.

Watch the video below to see Roxy giving her Dad an Earful after coming home late from work: