This revolutionary idea has changed the lives of thousands of people – another type of air conditioning

This revolutionary idea has changed the lives of thousands of people – another type of air conditioning

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. After all, making a complicated thing simple is the real wisdom, right? In this way, we can save more time and energy. Now, just imagine that it is summer and it is very hot outside, you are at home and enjoying the coolness, thanks to the recently installed air conditioner. It is the latest model, has a lot of functions, and immediately cools the room you are in, so you completely forget about the overwhelming heat. Well, in Bangladesh, things are not quite like that. Summers are extremely hot, people face extremely hot temperatures that in some parts of the day seem unbearable. One thought about a cheap and practical solution that revolutionized everything for most people in a poor village.

Daulatdia, Rajbari, Bangladesh is a village with almost 30,000 population. 90% of the village is made up of metal houses, they do not have access to electricity and people suffer terribly during the summers because the metal heats up very much and living in the house seems impossible at some point.

People often had sunburn due to excessive heat, this condition endangering their lives. Fortunately, a company came up with this brilliant idea that is revolutionary and accessible to everyone. The inventor, Ashis Paul, who works for the multinational company Gray Dhaka, said that this simple device was made to help people in need. At the same time, it helps the environment, making it even better.

Basically, all you need to build such an environmentally friendly device is a plastic board, glue to fix the necks of the bottles in the board’s holes and between 30 and 50 plastic bottles, this depends on the size of the window where it will be mounted. It doesn’t take long to create one, it’s very cheap and at the same time, you contribute to a better world, by recycling the plastic bottles.

The most impressive thing to consider is the efficiency of the device. It cools the room by 5 degrees, almost the same as an electric air conditioner! It is fascinating how we can use some very accessible things to solve a major problem, and at the same time prevent pollution. Share this brilliant idea with your friends and family and you can do it yourself at home, just check the video!