The dog that always came to the head of the woman who was in a coma for a month

The dog that always came to the head of the woman who was in a coma for a month. After the old woman woke up from a coma, the woman’s first words referred to “the white angel whispering to me …” This statement left everyone speechless.
Each of us has heard stories about animals who are very devoted to their owners, whom they love more than their own lives, and for whom they would always give up just to see that their owners are well and happy.

This story is another example of the above. Francisca Romero, an elderly woman
For 70 years, he went through a difficult ordeal at a certain point in his life, when he went into a deep coma. Doctors worked hard to help her, but after a long period of trying, they gave up. The doctors gave up their efforts to save Francisca and left her to fate.

They determined that the woman’s chances of returning from a coma were minimal.
The woman, on the other hand, had someone she loved very much and visited her daily at the same time. It is about her white and very cute puppy, which seems to have a different version of the future of the woman, completely different from what the doctors had.

She visited her mistress daily and sat on the woman’s head, hugging her for 2/3 hours. Everyone’s surprise came a month after the unfortunate event in which the woman went into a coma. After a month of coma, one morning, miraculously, the woman woke up. The first words spoken by the woman referred to her puppy and to what the little animal “whispered” to her: “Where is that white angel who whispered to me every day that everything would be fine?”

The doctors were shocked by what the women said, not understanding how This could have reminded her of the presence of the four-legged man, and they did not understand what he was talking about. This is another example of things that science cannot explain. One of them is certainly love, in addition to the attachment to an animal and vice versa. The devotion of the dog in front of the owners left everyone surprised, but especially the fact that the woman remembered the visit.