Kind-Hearted Boy Runs to Give His Own Jacket To a Freezing Dog Chained In Pouring Rain

This happened in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Stephen McIntosh was driving his car as a huge rainstorm flooded the streets. As he waits in his car because of low visibility due to heavy rains, Stephen McIntosh witnesses the most heart-melting, selfless act of kindness on the streets.

He saw a teen running out of a local fast food with a jacket in his hand. An irresponsible dog owner left his dog tied to a post in the pouring rain. The young man used his jacket to shelter the poor helpless dog who was shivering uncontrollably. The teen’s jacket protected the dog from the freezing raindrops.

After that Stephen shared the video on his Facebook page and it was met with a huge response from the public. After a little research, they discovered that the teen in the video is Luke Carlin, a boy who works in a store near the place where the incident was filmed. He eas very surprised when he says the viral video and how people reacted to it. He explained that he managed to rescue the dog from the rain.

The food store gifted the boy a „customer service award and vouchers” for taking such good care of the suffering dog.
It’s time to raise our voices against people tying their dogs in the snow or rain. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

Watch the video below to see the boy’s selfless gesture, as he tries to save the tied-up, drenched dog: