You need a cup, a coin and tap water.


Have you ever gone on vacation, on a business trip, or on a long weekend and on your return noticed that the digital clock has reset?


If the answer is yes, you’ve probably already realized that there was a power outage when you left, but it is impossible for you to tell when it happened and how long it lasted. Therefore, it is impossible to figure out how long the food has been in the fridge in the heat, then it has cooled down again, deteriorating.


A woman named Sheila Pulanco Russell from the United States revealed a trick on Facebook that will help you.


You need a cup, a coin and tap water.


Before leaving, put a cup of water in the freezer. Wait for it to freeze, then put a coin on top and leave it in the freezer.


When you return, see where the coin is.


If it has fallen to the bottom of the cup, it means that all the food has thawed and you have to throw it away. If the coin stayed on top or reached the middle of the cup, the food might be ok.