The man decided to do something that shocked the neighbors!

The inhabitants of a city in Stockholm – Charles Sachilotto and Mary Grenmar, decided to do something that shocked the neighbors!

At first, their idea was to build an energy-efficient house from scratch. Only later did they meet the architect Bengt Varna, the specialist who will offer them an innovative concept developed by himself that aroused their interest!

What did they do? The couple bought a house around which they built a 4 mm thick glass greenhouse.

A project of this kind has a lot of advantages: the indoor temperature is maintained around 20 degrees Celsius, even if the outside temperature can drop below zero degrees and the family has an enclosed terrace and a garden.

What is even more interesting is just now: the two are now growing figs, tomatoes, cucumbers inside the house, even if they are unusual products for Scandinavia. But they say they love to sit under the glass roof, where they sunbathe, play with their child and relax.

Although I admit that sometimes they have to start the heating system for short periods of time due to accidental interruptions in the basic system, this house is unique in its kind and they are extremely proud that they had the courage to carry out this project.

Here’s what the house looks like inside: