When the angels are at the door…

A user of the social network Reddit posted an image that really makes billions of words. Here is the truth behind it.

What you see in the picture are three dogs in a children’s hospital in Italy. They are not just any kind of dog, but therapy dogs. They are used in some hospitals abroad to offer affection to people in hospitals, schools, disaster areas, children with autism, or the elderly in nursing homes.

This type of therapy has been used since 1976 when nurse Elaine Smith noticed that patients responded very well to a dog’s visits, and they seemed to have a better mental state. It has recently been shown that these quadrupeds even help children who have emotional or speech problems.

The one who posted the image on Reddit, then on Facebook is Rick Crouthamel. Along with the picture, he wrote: “In a children’s hospital in Italy – therapy dogs no longer have the patience to see their children whom they will love and help. This is the most beautiful thing I have seen today. ”

The image was distributed thousands of times on social networks: “When the angels are at the door…”

Here are the angels: