What was in the bucket?

For many people, beetles are a very common fear. There’s something about the way they look and the way they move that scares people. A user of the social network Imgur posted an image that made another user exclaim: “Thanks for the nightmares!”. What was in the bucket?

The creature that looked so creepy was actually an insect known as the Centipede or Chilopod. They are one of the most aggressive and repulsive species of insects in the world, they have spasmodic movements, they are the only insects in the world that have venomous tongs, they can appear in any environment, they are adaptable to any type of climate and they are also carnivorous: they feed on frogs, birds, lizards, spiders, mice or bats.

Their venom is toxic to humans, once it enters the human body it causes swelling, colds, fever, and dizziness, writes Discover. User Imgur wrote next to the horrifying image that the insect had arranged itself to protect its young.

Wasn’t this man right to run in the other direction as soon as he saw this? Good thing he stayed still enough to take a picture to show us too… Here are some pictures of this weird insect: