Firefighter and Baby Koala Looking Helplessly as Australian Bushfires Ravage his Home! (Video)

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Australia’s fauna and flora is very affected by the bushfires, which are occurring for more than 200 years. These destructive fires killed hundreds of people and billions of animals, deeply affecting the ecology of the area. Koalas are among the most affected animals, their homes are being devastated and most of them don’t survive in the battle against the blaze.

Everyone love koalas! They are so sweet and fluffy, cute little beings. Did you know that they can only leave in Australia? These guys are eating Eucalyptus leaves, jumping from tree to tree to gather their beloved food. A fun fact about them is that they are eating so many leaves that they smell like leaves. With so many fires attacking their homes, it’s pretty hard for them to smell like leaves again, because of so much smoke.


The reports of the most recent bushfire season are devastating: 25 people dead, more than 10 million hectares of land burned to ashes and around 1.25 billion animals passed away. One of the most affected species were the koalas. Despite the people desperate devotion to rescue the poor animals, the flames have bigger chances to win against them.

Australia’s environment minister declared that koala population was shorten with 30 percent, increasing day by day. If the flames don’t kill them, dehydration or the toxic smoke does. Fortunately there are special hospitals such as Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, but after the bushfires season they get really busy. The koalas receive special treatment such as IVs, special screenings and treatments for the injuries. Most of them make it to full recovery because of the doctors expertize and attention.

Eden Hills Country Fire Serviceposted a photo on their Facebook page that caught the attention of millions.In this picture you can see how a man and a koala stare at the fires, helplessly looking at the huge flames slowly destroying the home of billions of living beings. A progressive rain would help a lot cooling the fires. But anyway, the poor koala’s home has gone, forever. This picture brought a huge impact online, the viewers were deeply affected to see such a powerful image, expressing a thousand words. People commented on the image with prayers and positive thoughts, thanking the fire fighters and volunteers for their amazing work and dedication.

The main reason behind these disastrous fires is global warming. Considering that 2019 was the hottest year so far for Australia, it led to longer and more destructive fires than the previous ones. This situation needs 100% attention and involvement from the governments, otherwise it will end up in more casualties and the flora being totally destroyed.

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