Pit Bull Puppy Cried All Night As No One Wants Her So Shelter Staff Shared Her Story and Photos As a Last Resort!

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High Plains Humane Society is located in New Mexico. The staff is always dedicated to working long hours for unwanted strays and rescue dogs to have a better life and find a loving home.

One of the things they do to help the animals in need is to take photos of shelter dogs and ask people to spread the word on social media platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, etc. They do that to give the rescue dogs more visibility among pet-lovers.

One day the volunteers of HPHS made a trip to another shelter and captured a photo that will become viral. In the photo, you can see a devastated puppy as she looks on through the cage, hoping and begging that someone, anyone will finally pick her and take her home.

When you look at the heartbreaking picture you will see one thing: DESPERATION!

As the shelter staff shared the picture on social media platforms, the hearts of dog-lovers were crushed one by one. The dog’s sad eyes were enough for people around the world to try and adopt the poor puppy.


Finally, a woman was chosen to take the puppy home and be the forever companion she needed. Soon the sad-looking dog turned into a big happy baby.

We are more than happy with this new development. We hope that every dog, every pet in every shelter around the world finds the loving caring homes that they all deserve.

Take a look at the photo below with the puppy and her new owner: