She noticed something very strange after giving birth to her third child!

Despite having two easy pregnancies, a mother in Brockton, Pennsylvania noticed something very strange after giving birth to her third child. A few months after giving birth, Amy Rhed noticed that her stomach was not shrinking, she looked as if she was still pregnant.

What she didn’t know was that in order for her third child to grow in her womb, the woman had developed a rare disease called diastasis recti, which means the separation of the right abdominal muscles.

While many women have this syndrome, their stomach usually returns to its original shape after a while, unfortunately, Rhed did not fall into this category. The muscles in her stomach were 15 centimeters empty, which caused her internal organs to come out through that cavity, and the woman still looked as if she was 8 months pregnant.

Physical appearance is not everything, this disease also comes with terrible pain that made her unable to do the things she used to do easily.

The woman made her case public and thus discovered a surgeon who managed to solve her problem through a complicated procedure. The surgeon had to remove all the skin of the stomach to have full access to the abdominal area (and then sew the skin back), he also removed the excess skin, the woman lost 30 kilograms after the operation and looked like a completely different woman.

Here is the whole story and how much the operation changed it: