The little boy was out playing when he found a little girl buried alive in the sand!

Alyssa Bostic, a 5-year-old girl, was playing happily in the sand at Dunelm Marina, USA when she decided that she could fit in a small hole in the sand, which she created herself. The situation turned horribly against her when the sand set aside collapsed on her, burying her completely in the sand, with no way out.

Connor Fitz-Gerald, an 11-year-old boy, was drawn to the same playground where Alyssa had been buried alive and quickly realized that something was wrong. When the boy saw a bag that belonged to the little girl, he started digging with his bare hands only to find out that that purse belonged to a girl buried in the sand.

Connor looked around and saw no adults so he concentrated and took action. He even thought about where the victim’s head might be to dig it up first.

He managed to get his body out of the sand and remembered an episode from a series he often watched -NCIS- where he had seen first aid given. Instead of panicking at the sight of a lifeless body, he began to offer her first aid as he had seen on television.

Alyssa was unconscious with sand on her eyes, nose, and mouth, making the whole situation even scarier. The boy remained calm and tried to make her breathe again and thus managed to save her life.

Meanwhile, the girl’s parents arrived at the place where the little ones were and called 911. Doctors said that if it wasn’t for Connor, the little girl wouldn’t have survived. Fortunately, she is now recovering well.

Here is a video showing the facts: