MOTHER took THIS PICTURE and posted it on Facebook, but it infuriated an entire country!

It all happened in the USA, where the subject of weapons is always a hot one and on the agenda, Strange or not, this image has provoked great discussions between those who support the right of citizens to have guns and those who believe otherwise.

The one who posted the image is the reality show star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright, who thought she was putting a beautiful, family image to show fans what the relationship between her husband and baby looks like, but the criticism instantly appeared on Facebook.

Cause? A pistol was sitting on the nightstand, it was not a family picture or a watch, but a pistol that was kept in the same room as the child.

As soon as the gun was seen and the image was spread on the social network, the protesters who are anti-gun joined and demanded that the father be arrested immediately for the way he raises his child.

The star responded to the avalanche of comments as follows: “GOD! I will unload it on someone if someone enters my house and tries to harm my family. ” In North Carolina, it’s a crime to leave a gun so close to a child, but some commentators say the whole discussion is ridiculous because the child is only one year old and can’t jump and take the gun and then stand in the way and he shoots himself or someone else.

What do you think, did this father do wrong?