Sweet Puppy Caught On Camera Hugging and Comforting His Suffering Sister During Her Battle With Parvo

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For the one that don’t know, parvo is a very contagious disease mainly affecting dogs. This nasty illness affects organs, and the chance of survival for untreated Parvo are usually very low.

Two puppy siblings are suffering from this serious virus and were brought to a veterinary clinic. The treatment will work only if the dog will show signs of recovery pretty quick (in the first 6 days).
In this case, the brother was strong and recover quickly, but his sister was struggling and showed absolutely no signs of improvement.

The brother could sensed that his por sister was not getting better so he decided to do something that let everyone in tears.
As you will see in the video filmed by ine of the vets, the brother snuggle up an tries to comfort his sick sister. With his big puppy eyes he look at the vets begging to keep his sister alive. He won’t let go of his sister, hoping she will made it.

The amazing thing happened and the brother’s prayers and love worked!! The two sibblings are completely recovered now and looking forward to find a new forever home filled with fun playdates and adorable cuddles.

Their story is absolutely incredible!
Check out the video to watch this amazing bond between the siblings: