Heartbroken Pit Bull Dog Can’t Believe His Family Is Leaving Him At a High Kill Shelter!

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These kinds of stories are so sad and we can never find out the real truth only if we talked to the dog owners.
Moses is a very sweet Pit Bull who was so happy when he got adopted from a shelter in California about a year ago.

In this period he was very spoiled, he was the family „good boy” and they get along absolutely great. But after a while, the family struggled financially and they were forced to move from their house and relocate to a cheap, please. The problem was that the owner of the building didn’t allow dogs.

We can see in the video from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto the nervous and confused Moses the Pitbull, clinging on to his owner in the shelter’s surrender area. You cand see that the poor doggie can sense something is wrong. He noticed that his family being sad…

The poor dog doesn’t understand why his happy family and all the great things have to end here and now. The heartbroken Moses breaks down in tears and begs his owner to take him back home.

What a tragic event. Let’s try to help Moses the Pit Bull find a new forever home.

Watch the video below to see the heartbreaking moment when Moses was surrender at the shelter by his dad: