Rescued Pit Bull Dog, Maisy, Can’t Stop „Talking” With Her New Dog Mom

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Maisy, the pit bull dog, was living in very poor conditions. She was living outdoors in a kennel all alone for nearly threee log years.

Her previous family ignored her and let her all by herself pretty much all the time. They only brought her out when they try to breed her, but when they find out she couldn’t get pregnant, they try to euthanize her. They told their neighbors that she was very ugly and a waste of money to feed.

One day a friend of the familly herd their plans and stepped up and got her to an animal rescue.
Elbert, the woman who will ends up adopting her, was gone through three losses recently, so a friend of her tagged her on social media to look at Maisy. From that moment she knew she had to do the right thing and bring the poor Maisy home with her.

Elbert lost her dad, then the following year, her mom and her lifetime friend, a 13-year-old Pit Bull.
When Elbert showed up to the animal rescue centre, Maisy started „talking” to her: „Woof woof wooof”. That’s what the rescued pit bull, Maisy, has to say to her new mom all day log since then.

The two engange in often conversations. When Maisy is very happy, Elbert says she is a super chatty pup, but her mom is happy to hear hear sweet dog talking to her.

Now they both enjoy life and Maisy is exactly what Elbert needed in her life.

„I needed something to cheer me up”, Elbert said. Well, Maisy, it looks like you and your mom found a happy ending.

Watch their amazing story in the video below: