A miracle fertilizer helps you get rid of the need to use chemical fertilizers

A miracle fertilizer helps you get rid of the need to use chemical fertilizers. A farmer puts an egg and a banana in the pit he dug to plant tomatoes. Although it is a process that may seem strange in the first phase, the result is miraculous. Only a few days after planting, you can see the first results. Many people adopt this technique.

The clip in which a man digs a hole and puts a banana and an egg in it has traveled around the globe all over the internet. The video garnered over 1.2 million views.

In the pictures, you can see a man using an exclusive method of fertilizing vegetables. He digs a hole in the ground and puts a raw egg and a banana with the shell on the bottom. Place the tomato seedlings on top of them and cover them with earth. After a while, the egg together with the banana will decompose and provide the so-called “miracle nutrients”, very important for vegetable seedlings. Using only these two elements, the man created a very good natural fertilizer, thus giving up chemical fertilizers that harm both the soil and vegetables and our health.

We all know that due to the degradation of the ecosystem and the ozone layer, fruits and vegetables grow harder and harder and their appearance and taste are affected. That’s why people use a lot of fertilizers. The problem is that, in most cases, these fertilizers are chemical and not natural. Due to the excess of chemical fertilizers, the soil, vegetables, and fruits become “poisoned”, which poses a real danger to consumers. Although the use of these chemicals helps plants grow much faster and vegetables or fruits look much better, their taste is not influenced in a good way, and in the long run will inevitably lead to the weakening of crops. When plants are weakened by fertilizers, they are increasingly prone to disease and have a much lower resistance to pests, leading to increasingly difficult growth and development, in some cases even impossible.

That is why it is advisable to use natural fertilizers as much as possible, and there are many options for them. From the detailed example above about egg and banana, natural fertilizers can also be cheap, such as ash, manure, and vegetable waste.